Pen House Entertainment

Pen house entertainment was formed in the summer of 2010 by a group of super talented song writers

whose taste in music varies from the A of al green  to the  Z... of led zepplin

we wanted to bring about a place where unknown writers could showcase their songwriting talent to a wider audience. brings one and all to the home of songwriters and creative music.

We have in found a wonderful production company who we have understood every stroke of our writing vision to create a truly magical album.

Based in the heart of Nashville, Tennesee with over 25 years experience producing of world class songs. have state of the art studios, top class professional vocalist and a beautiful nack of creating time and time again wondrous - spell binding songs.

In a world of many artists, songs and download sites we are part of the music family.

But we're doing our own thing in our own way.

All songs, albums you listen to that are written by our members at 'Pen House Entertainment will only be available here.

So when you start singing and foot tappin and clickin those fingers to one of our joints and your friends say where did you get that tuuuuuuuuuune...?

you will say part of pen house entertainment.

Thanks for stoppin by,  we hope you go away and tell the world where we are here... and you enjoy the album.